Renovations of the third and fourth floor in-patient units are quickly progressin. The first of four units opened in December and it has made a world of difference (see Maribeth's story below). The second unit will be open in June 2016. With all four units scheduled to be complete by June 2017.  Click here to see how we are improving patient care.

Maribeth, an LPN on 4 East meets with her team each morning at 10:30. Bullet Rounds, as they are called, are essentially a multi-disciplinary team meeting where nurses, physicians and other clinical staff get together and evaluate current patients. Each unit has their own team that includes social workers, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and of course nurses and physicians. They review all admitted patients, discussing case by case, evaluating their needs to see how their recovery can progress so they can go home.

 “Prior to the renovations on 4 East, we had no space for our bullet rounds. We would squeeze up to ?? people in a tiny office. We now have a designated space built specifically for these bullet rounds, called a Team Control Centre (TCC). We are better able to track our patients and their progress. Our TCC is a multi functional space that houses patients charts in one central area. In addition to our bullet rounds, we have regular staff meetings and it is a place where staff and physicians can consult with patient families in a quiet and private area,” says Maribeth.

Before the renovation you would often see our nurses and staff charting in the hallways. That is called the Friesen model, built in close proximity to each patient. It was state of the art 40 years ago. Now having all patient information in a central location provides ease of access, more privacy and most of the work is done online through computers. Not only is it better from a staff perspective but it has alleviated the clutter in the hallways.

Experts have long said that the environment has an impact on your healing. “As a nurse, I am seeing firsthand the impact these changes are having on our patients.” Maribeth points out “The mood on the floor is brighter and much more positive. Everything is more relaxed and tranquil on our unit, which is a better environment for healing.”

“It is so nice because our floor was designed and customized to the way we deliver care at the Dartmouth General, which ultimately helps the patients. Nurses are here to heal and it has been a moral boost for our patients. Staff from other units come up and cannot wait for their floor to the renovated. I am truly thankful for the changes because it has made a tremendous impact,” adds Maribeth.