Mom grateful for kindness, compassion shown by Dartmouth General emergency department team

This letter from a grateful mom to the staff of the Dartmouth General Hospital (DGH) emergency department demonstrates the impact of exceptional service. Kudos to the DGH emergency department team!

I brought my seven year old daughter to the ER at the Dartmouth General after an accident where she hurt her finger. We received such excellent treatment by all of the staff that I feel compelled to share how impressed I was with the care she received. Dartmouth General being an adult hospital they were very thoughtful of my child giving her colouring to keep her occupied, checking on us frequently, talking her through what they were going to do and making her feel at ease.

Someone even thought to give her a snack as she arrived at supper time; the fact that someone thought of the fact that my child might be hungry really blew me away. We felt very well cared for. When someone treats my child with kindness at a particularly stressful time in my opinion this is worthy of a thank you.

“Everyone from the triage nurse to the receptionist, orderly, doctors, nurses and X-ray technicians treated my daughter wonderfully. They spoke directly to her, talking her through what would be done thus putting her at ease. We had a really positive experience.”

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