Interview with Sarah MacEachern, Chair of The Affair Committee

With only a few weeks before The Affair Italia, we sat down with our committee chair to chat a bit about the event.

Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation: Who are you? How did you get involved with The Affair?

Sarah MacEachern: I am a Chartered Accountant and a corporate accountant with Emera Inc. I became involved with The Affair through previously working with a board member of the Dartmouth General Hospital.

DGHF: Why do you volunteer your time DGHF?

SM: I volunteer to help the hospital raise money for priority medical equipment. Being able to purchase needed medical equipment will benefit so many people and could save someone’s life someday.

The hospital is something everyone will need at some point in their life. Therefore it is important for everyone to support these organizations as they help friends, family, and loved ones each day.

I also believe it is important to get involved with organizations within your community and give back where you can.

DGHF: What are you most looking forward to at this year event?

SM: I am most looking forward to seeing new and returning attendees and seeing everyone have a great night out! It’s nice to see people having a great time while also being able to raise funds for the hospital.

DGHF: And finally, just for fun, give us a good wine recommendation!

SM: Apothic Red- California Blend, it's my favorite! :-)

Thanks for chatting with us Sarah, and thank you for all of your hard work on helping put together this event. The Affair: A Wine Tasting Event is on Saturday, February 15, tickets are still available so get yours now