Extraordinary Gift from an Extraordinary Man

Hiram Nelson is a practical, salt-of-the-earth type of man. He has accomplished much throughout his life, including serving his country with the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII.  His careers have covered a variety of ventures including mining and real estate, and his businesses have taken him from one side of Canada to the other; but the Dartmouth community remains a very important place to him, his wife Kaye, and their family.

Mr. Nelson has watched from a far the developments at the Dartmouth General. When the Emergency Department expanded in 2002, the Nelson Family supported that initiative with a significant contribution. In 2006, he was again a major contributor to the CT scanner campaign. This year, Hiram Nelson and his family have donated $1 million to a planned expansion of the DGH.

This extraordinary gift is the single largest gift received by the DGH Foundation.  It will be used towards a planned upgrade project to the hospital providing major improvements throughout the facility.

Dr. Wylie Verge, retired Dartmouth physician and long time friend of Hiram Nelson, recalls his good friend as a family man; an avid sportsmen with a passion for hunting, fishing, golfing and flying airplanes; and a community minded man, who has not forgotten his roots.

In expressing appreciation and gratitude to the Nelson Family, Bill MacMaster, Chair of the DGH Foundation, said that this donation sets an exemplary example of confidence in the community hospital.