Improving Diagnostic Services at the DGH

The Axiom Luminos dRF

The Dartmouth General Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department is a busy place. Last year alone the staff saw 42,687 patients who required either radiography **(x-rays) or fluoroscopy* (GI’s and Barium enemas) procedures. And many of these patients (62 per cent) needed more than one procedure.

Presently the DGH has five general imaging machines all with different capabilities and limitations. Some are over 20 years old; only one machine is digital; and the wait time for many procedures is long. Appointments for non-urgent procedures such as barium enemas are limited to five per day.

Providing accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible is the goal all physicians and staff work towards, and having the most up to date equipment is a vital component to ensure this goal is reached. Our current priority equipment need is the Axiom Luminos dRF, a digital imaging machine that performs both fluoroscopy and radiography tests with a single system. At a cost of $750,000, the dRF will be the first one of its kind in the Capital District.

One of the most compelling features of the dRF is the image quality. The dRF quickly delivers precise diagnoses via digital imaging in brilliant images. It provides low dose imaging without sacrificing image quality. The dRF is an open and accessible design which provides ease for patients and for staff.

How will this new Axiom Luminos dRF benefit our patients?

  • Interruptions and delays due to cassette handling and film development will be eliminated
  • Patients will benefit from shorter examination times
  • More patients will be able to be booked for appointments
  • It will allow the Diagnostic Imaging Department to address wait times
  • * Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that views real-time moving images of the internal structure of a patient, for example, GI procedures and Barium enemas.

** Radiography is the use of x-rays to view unseen objects, for example bones and organs.