Who's Leading?

People from all corners of our community have come together to help lead the Above and Beyond Campaign for the Dartmouth General.  Their dedication and commitment will leave a lasting imprint on the calibre of facilities and health services delivery at the Dartmouth General for years to come!

Fred Smithers (Honourary Campaign Chair)

John Fitzpatrick (Campaign Co-Chair & Cabinet)

Carla Pittman (Campaign Co-Chair & Cabinet)

Mark Anderson (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Ismael Aquino (Burnside Sector Volunteer)

Dr. Kevin Bent (Physician Campaign)

Kathy Bermundo (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Holly Bond (Cabinet)

Dr. Dan Boudreau (Physician Campaign)

Peter Boyd (Cabinet)

Betty Ann Brennan (Board & Auxiliary)

Dr. John Carter (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Don Cheverie (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Samuel Chun (Physician Campaign)

Bonnie Clarke (Staff Campaign)

Jeff Conrad (Staff Campaign)

Roy Cluett (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Sharon Davis Murdoch (Board)

Bruce Delo (Board)

Nicole Deveau (Staff Campaign)

Joseph Diab (Board)

Dr. Steve Duke (Physician Campaign)

Gordon Gamble (Cabinet)

Mark Gascoigne (Board & Cabinet)

Dan Gibson (Board)

Meagan Graves (Staff Campaign)

Laurie Harding (Staff Campaign)

Sid Howard (Staff Campaign)

Dr. Todd Howlett (Board)

Dr. Andrew Ingham (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Robin Leblanc (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Doug LeGay (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Jorin LindinSmith (Physician Campaign)

Georgia Lloyd (Board)

Aneill MacCaull (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Mitch MacLellan (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Suzy MacLellan (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Dr. Lynne McMahon (Physician Campaign)

Robert Miedema (Board)

Natalie Morris (Staff Campaign)

Dr. John Murdoch (Physician Campaign)

Paul O’Hearn (Board & Cabinet)

Dr. Ravi Parkash (Physician Campaign)

Tracy Pickrem (Staff Campaign)

Bruce Rainnie (Cabinet)

Suzanne Roy (Cabinet)

Tammy Saulnier (Staff Campaign)

Mark Sherman (Cabinet)

Vickie Sullivan (Board)

Darnise Umlah (Insurance Sector Volunteer)

Dr. Nathan Urquhart (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Brenna Van Tol (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Colin Van Zoost (Physician Campaign)

Dr. Vikram Venugopal (Physicians Co-Chair)

Caroline Wolfe Stewart (Cabinet)

Dr. Jason Yung (Physician Campaign)